Our Mission

To be the digital bridge between those who serve the needs of the community and donors who want to visualize and feel their impact

"Making an impact in your community has never been easier and more transparent"

- James Carabajal, CEO of Catholic Community Foundation

How Shop For A Cause Works

Organizations submit physical needs

We create a "SHOP" and post the needs

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Donors order the needs from our website :)

We directly ship the products to the organization 

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Shop For A Cause is the only digital service that provides complete transparency into what is purchased and where it is donated to both donors and organizations


We eliminate the need for donors to spend hours shopping and physically delivering needs to organization locations.


Through Shop For A Cause, donors can easily browse an organization's need list, place an order and Shop For A Cause will deliver their package directly to the organization of their choice. 

Where Is The Need?

Transparency & Convenience

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